Community Resources

Help us create a page that links to the many community resources around food.  They could be about gardening, livestock raising, composting, cooking, food preservation, nutrition, food education, food banks, community gardens, community kitchens, land for farmers, farmers looking for land—-it could be many things.

Send us your ideas, please include a descriptive sentence or two and a link to the website (or other contact information).  We’ll add them in no particular order until we have enough to organize.

 Idaho Botanical Garden

The Idaho Botanical Garden is a living museum. Garden features include native and exotic plant communities, theme and display gardens, and education programs. The Mission of the Idaho Botanical Garden is to provide a full garden experience for all ages that enhances community quality of life through plant collections, our education programs, and our entertainment, cultural and community events.

The Garden offers year-round gardening classes, workshops and lectures on a wide variety of topics including soils, irrigation, pest management, vegetable gardening and composting.  Its display gardens include an extensive vegetable garden that educates the public on plant families, growing techniques, and a wide variety of vegetable varieties.  The All-American Selection Garden showcases award winning vegetables planted alongside ornamental flowers. Vegetable cooking demonstrations take place June through September.  

Boise Urban Garden School 

The Boise Urban Garden School helps children make meaningful connections between global environmental issues and real choices they make every day about the food they eat—choices that affect their health, the environment, the local economy, and both personal and social responsibility.

Through hands-on, inquiry-based learning that encourages participants to ask questions, gather information, and investigate possibilities, BUGS guides students to reflect on the question, “Where does our food come from, and why does it matter?”

BUGS cultivates a love of learning by providing unique opportunities.

  • Hands-on experiences with nature, gardening, and preparing fresh foods
  • Empowerment through creating and sustaining a small
    business at the BUGS produce stand
  • Growth through a variety of integrated art, literacy, and
    kinesthetic experiences
  • Outreach to the community as students share the
    harvest and their experiences