Idaho & regional food and agriculture information

250 Idaho farmers grew over 5000 acres of peas in 1950. In 2007, peas were grown on only 5 acres by 22 Idaho farmers. Photo: Grading peas in Canyon County June 1941. Photographer Russell Lee, Library of Congress Collection

The Idaho Department of Agriculture publishes these (and many other) resources:

The Idaho office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service collects and publishes a number of reports on Idaho agriculture

Idaho Ag Overview 2011

The most recent agricultural census was conducted in 2007.  Here’s a link to it: 

University of Idaho College of Agriculture and Life Sciences published a report on the contribution of agriculture to Idaho’s economy in 2006.

The University of Idaho also produces the annual Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture.  The latest report is found at:



Great news for southeast Idaho small scale farmers and ranchers! 

Three Rivers RC&D is excited to launch a new online resource for our region’s small acreage, sustainable growers. The Southeast Idaho Grower’s Circle is now a website, dedicated to reconnecting our region’s small acreage growers with each other and our communities.  It is designed to be a simple way to see what is going on in our region, learn about upcoming events, meet other grower’s, ask questions, and participate in the sharing of skills, knowledge and information.  The blog feature hosts monthly workshops and is an opportunity to share information and network with others.

Please take a moment and check out this exciting new resource at


The Southeastern Oregon Food Bank has published a guide to local farms: