Introducing the Tomato Independence Project

November 12, 2012

The Treasure Valley Food Coalition is proud to announce our upcoming project for 2013-2014, the Tomato Independence Project (TIP).

After the Year of Idaho Food, we wanted to find a tangible way for people to participate in growing the local food economy in the Treasure Valley. When researching what it will take to meet our goal of having 20% of our food consumption be local by 2020, we found that the average American eats over 90 pounds of tomatoes per year. That’s a lot of tomatoes! And nothing tastes better than a tomato fresh from the garden in the summer, and nothing worse than a rock hard tomato in January…

We’ve decided to make it our goal to have as many people as possible grow and/or eat local, fresh tomatoes in 2013. To start things off, we’re going to partner with local nurseries to provide “TIP kits” to anyone who wants to participate. These kits will contain things like seeds, growing instructions, the TIP logo, etc. Please check back in December for a list of participating retailers. We also hope to have taste testing events, seminars on caring for your plants, and local restaurants featuring local tomatoes.

How to Participate:

Want to join us in ending the tyranny of tasteless tomatoes? Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Follow TIP on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Find a TIP kit a a participating retailer
  3. Sign up for a seed starting class at a participating nursery
  4. Plant your plants and tell us about your progress over the summer

Not into growing things, or don’t have room? You can still participate!

  1. Eat at a participating local restaurant, and order something with tomatoes
  2. Buy tomatoes at your local farmer’s market
  3. Ask your local supermarket to carry local tomatoes when they are in season
  4. Try a kind of tomato you’ve never had before