Community Wheat Conversation Begins

August 6, 2012

As you drive around the Treasure Valley, you might see wheat being harvested right now. This area grows a lot of wheat, over 100,000 acres of it. That’s about 156 square miles, or if you’re driving from Boise to Weiser, a square mile on both sides of the highway in wheat. We can grow a lot of it, but we don’t eat it—there’s no flour mill. We don’t know much about wheat and how it plays into a local food system, but it’s likely that the wheat that’s grown here is of just a very few varieties, selected to meet the needs of the export market, or sent to flour mills out of state, or fed to livestock. We know that the flour that we consume has been stripped of nutrient and is produced by a handful of corporations. In contrast, as late as 1953 there were 5 flour mills here, offering farmers, bakers, and eaters a variety of options. We also know that wheat flour is a big part of our diet, about 137 pounds each year. How do we rebuild a regional wheat economy? There’s surprising interest and promising beginnings, but, as you might imagine, much to rebuild…

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Summer farm tours

May 24, 2012
Summer farm tours

Interested in learning more about area farms?  There are three tours on tap for June. On Sunday, June 24, 2012 TVFC will be sponsoring “Horses and Goats”, a tour of  Eagle’s 3 Horse Winery and Middleton’s Purple Sage Farm. The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides is coordinating a tour of Blue Sage Farm in Shoshone on June 20 and Hamanishi Farm in Fruitland on June 27. For details, click on the events page.

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BSU Art Show on Food “Sustenance”

March 25, 2012

Boise State University Sustenance An Exhibition About Food by Idaho Artists Organized by the Visual Arts Center and the Treasure Valley Food Coalition                         May 11 – May 25, 2012 Visual Arts Center – Gallery Two – Hemingway Western Studies Center on the Boise State University campus, 1819 University Drive, Boise ID 83725-1510 Farm to table dinner with the artists celebrating local food, wine, and art – May 10th 6:30pm $60 Seating limited, for tickets contact Susan Medlin at Opening Reception: May 11, 2012 6-8pm, free and open to the public             In 2011, the Visual Arts Center and the Treasure Valley Food Coalition invited Idaho artists who have an interest in food issues and a desire to reflect that interest in their work to apply for inclusion in an exhibition called Sustenance.  Eighteen artworks by thirteen artists or artist groups have been selected for the exhibition by curator Kirsten Furlong. The artworks are about ideas related to obesity, food preservation, contemporary farming practices, and links between agriculture and architecture and include stop-motion video, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and photography. Proceeds from the sale of exhibited work will be divided equally between the artist and the Treasure Valley Food Coalition,…

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New Radio Boise show on food CHEW ON THIS

March 20, 2012
New Radio Boise show on food  CHEW ON THIS

Many of you might remember the Abundance Project, an effort to bring healthy, local food to low-income residents.  The founder of that project, Kim Metez, is bringing her interest  in food and food policy to a new venue.  She’s hosting a new Radio Boise show, Chew on This airing every Sunday at 5:00 – 5:30 pm at 89.9 FM. Tune in weekly to hear a local perspective on food.  Listen this week to Janie Burns talking about our local food system and the Treasure Valley Food Coalition.  

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Donate to the Treasure Valley Food Coalition

March 7, 2012
Photo by Guy Hand

Local food is about nutrition, stewardship of local resources and a prosperous, resilient community. And that’s what the Treasure Valley Food Coalition is about, too. Please join us in our mission to promote a vibrant, local food economy. Here’s a video that explains our mission and shows how you can help: The Year of Idaho Food was our very successful 2011 campaign to celebrate the diversity and abundance of food grown in Idaho. This year, we will begin developing profiles of 12 food crops currently or historically grown in the Treasure Valley. Called the “Healthy Dozen,” these foods are: milk, wheat flour, beef, dry beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, leafy greens, apples, strawberries and grapes. The Healthy Dozen profiles will show us how to increase interest in local food, improve local processing facilities and boost the economy and public health. We are excited to again be collaborating with Guy Hand whose Edible Idaho radio program put local food front and center last year as he followed the Year of Idaho Food. In 2012, Guy will begin reporting on and telling stories about the Healthy Dozen, broadcasting the results of our research and building awareness and support for a local food…

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