Donate to the Treasure Valley Food Coalition

March 7, 2012

Local food is about nutrition, stewardship of local resources and a prosperous, resilient community. And that’s what the Treasure Valley Food Coalition is about, too. Please join us in our mission to promote a vibrant, local food economy.

Here’s a video that explains our mission and shows how you can help:

The Year of Idaho Food was our very successful 2011 campaign to celebrate the diversity and abundance of food grown in Idaho. This year, we will begin developing profiles of 12 food crops currently or historically grown in the Treasure Valley. Called the “Healthy Dozen,” these foods are: milk, wheat flour, beef, dry beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, leafy greens, apples, strawberries and grapes.

The Healthy Dozen profiles will show us how to increase interest in local food, improve local processing facilities and boost the economy and public health. We are excited to again be collaborating with Guy Hand whose Edible Idaho radio program put local food front and center last year as he followed the Year of Idaho Food. In 2012, Guy will begin reporting on and telling stories about the Healthy Dozen, broadcasting the results of our research and building awareness and support for a local food economy.

Each profile will cost about $2,000. Your contribution is essential. $35 will go a long way — $50 or more will go even further! Please make your pledge today.

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