Tomato Talk at the Boise Farmers Market

July 9, 2014

The Treasure Valley Food Coalition is pleased to announce that we will be hosting another Tomato Talk at the Boise Farmers Market Saturday, July 12th.  As part of our Tomato Independence Project, our vision  is to give local gardeners a chance to talk with other (more experienced) local gardeners and get questions answered about problems they are experiencing, specifically with tomatoes.  Our tomato team  kept busy answering questions and talking all things tomatoes  Saturday June 14th at the farmers market. If you missed us last month or new problems have developed and you are looking for answers, you are growing your own and are running into problems or just don’t know what to expect, stop by the Boise Farmers Market on Saturday July 12 between 9 am and 1 pm and talk to our tomato team. Feel free to bring a photo or a sample from your problem plant. See you at the Market and together we will end the tyranny of the tasteless tomato!

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