Ton of Tomatoes

January 30, 2015












Local Tomatoes are now available for fabulous winter soups and sauces!!  The idea of eating tasty local frozen tomatoes in winter was inaugurated at a chef/farmer dinner at Richard’s Café Vicino in January 2014.  There, TVFC learned that both farmers and chefs (a few of each) had frozen some whole fresh tomatoes for winter use in 2014, and immediately we began strategizing to create a year-round supply of local tomatoes.  We did it!!

Frozen Local Tomatoes *


Discount applies through February**

5# bag $20

20# case $68 (15% off)

25# case $85 (15% off)

*Grown by Peaceful Belly, Next Generation Organics, and True Roots Organics

** Discount reduced to 10% on March 1st

TO PURCHASE:   TVFC frozen tomatoes are on the wholesale frozen vegetable list on line from Idaho’s

Bounty, or contact area reps:

Treasure Valley

Katie Baker (208) 761-3059

Wood River Valley

Carolyn Pace (208) 870-5505

Magic Valley

John Klimes (208) 308-5332

They are also available direct from TVFC by ordering at